The Different Styles of Wedding Photography

The wedding day is one of your life’s most important achievements. You want your photos captured to show your personality and style, with all the money you spend on that perfect dress, your lovely roses, your cozy place and the many other items that go together to build your perfect day. Do you want to learn more? Visit photographers.

Different photographers film in different styles and to choose one that can help you fit the dream for your wedding photos is important to cut through the sales pitch and the sophisticated jargon.

I summarized the three major types of wedding photography available today, though a photographer may film in more than one type in many instances.

Traditional wedding photography Traditional, or sometimes named Classical wedding photography shows traditional wedding day images including the unforgettable moments of your wedding day including exchanging gifts, signing the wedding registry, heading down the aisle as a husband and wife, family groups and cutting the cake to name a few.

Weddings are still considered formal occasions and this type of photography of the wedding has been the test of time. Traditional wedding photography creates a perfect picture of your family reunion with precise framing and professional posing. A good photographer can work quickly and put people at ease to make sure posing doesn’t look uncomfortable.

These are the kinds of shots that Mum and Granny expect to see from the photos of the wedding and can often be found on display in the wall or mantelpiece homes.

Traditional wedding photography has sometimes had a bad reputation caused by bossy or grumpy photographers or photographers taking ages to complete endless group shots with the bride and groom ending up spending more time in front of a camera and less time enjoying their wedding day with their guests.

Reportage wedding photography Reportage, sometimes called Photojournalistic wedding photography, means to “report” literally. The camera blends into the context and captures events as they happen, and images are often made that you don’t even know.

That photography style is really the hardest to perfect. To catch a wedding in this style expertly takes many years of training and lightning fast reactions.

This approach should not be mistaken with well performed conventional photography, where the photographer’s talent allows the photograph look natural and not staged.

Reportage wedding photography’s rise seems to have correlated with digital photography’s development due to the low costs per image that photography type reportage thrives on. Unfortunately, many new or inexperienced wedding photographers use the “shot gun” approach of shooting thousands of photos during the wedding day in the hope of capturing a few good shots.

A word of warning: if you pick a photographer who shoots in this style alone, several couples would regret not getting any conventional photos on their record. With reportage wedding photography you rely on the interpretation of your day by the photographers. The couples parents are usually the first to report that your album needs conventional pictures.