Charlotte Patio Contractors – Info

You’ve decided you want a flagstone, a calcareous patio or a concrete patio. Wondering how and who can you use it to get things done? Okay, I’ll tell you just how. I’ll give you a step-by-step process of stating the 3 red flags signaling a bad or uneducated contractor. These 3 things will ensure that you get it done by the right contractor, the right way. Visit our website to get free information about charlotte patio contractors

Step one, first things first. Every construction of Stone requires a concrete foundation. This is not an opinion but an actual fact. If you want it to be done correctly and want it to stand up to the test of time, this is the way it is done, no exceptions. When any contractor is offering to bypass a concrete foundation as a cost-saving option, a red flag should go up. Unfortunately 85 percent of the contractors out there will tell you they can lay the stone directly on top of compacted granite or base material. That type of entrepreneur is exactly who you want to avoid. While what they recommend to you gives the appearance of a patio, under the patio it will not withstand the movement of climate, erosion and soil. At best, you could get a few crackless years, until it starts to fall apart. This method is the most recommended scam or shortcut to try to lower the prices and get the job still. Notice the price fell due to the removal of the concrete footing from the cost of the job. This “no concrete needed” option is most often offered to those with strict financial constraints. The contractors that offer this solution don’t care about your patio or home, they just want your money. You don’t get a kind of patio with any concrete footing, but it’s really just a veneer laid on the ground.

A concrete patio or pavement base or pedestal should be at least 4 inches thick. Owing to pre-existing design weaknesses this is sometimes limited to about 3 1/2 inches. If you encounter space constraints, a good masonry contractor is really needed to solve the problems with other options. That brings us on to our next step.