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Your knees are precious and all those mountain climbs and all day hikes will make a heavy impact over time.

Problems with the knees are a major issue that outdoor enthusiasts have to deal with, nobody wants to cut back or completely stop their hobby altogether so what can you do to keep enjoying the great outdoors as long as possible.

How do trekking poles help?

When walking normally your whole body weight is pushed down to your knees with any additional weight from a backpack or anything else you happen to be carrying added on top.

Over short distances this is not a problem but when trudging for hours on end the stress on the knee joint will cause long term damaged.

The use of poles shifts some of the weight to the upper body section giving the knee less to deal with and reducing stress on the joint.

Other benefits

Walking with poles will help you to walk more upright which helps ease the lower back and because using the trekking poles is an extension of your body it naturally gives you a bigger “body footprint” and will give increased stability over uneven ground.How Trekking Poles Make Your Hike Easier And Fast

But my knees are fine, do I really need these?

I have been dragging myself around various country’s for 30 years climbing a lot of mountains along the way and its no surprise that my knees are showing signs of abuse.

I know that if the use of poles had been started earlier in my wanders then I would be far better of today. I still manage to do the big climbs and long walks but do wonder if my body will fail me before the will to spend days walking up mountains does.

Because of the accumulated effect on the knee what you do today will take some time to show. If you are enthusiastic outdoor type then if will defiantly present at some point.

Trekking poles in use

It might take some time to get the hang of walking with poles and everybody has their on way of using them. Soft ground is good for using the poles but harder ground or rock can cause a problem or injury if you have a good deal of your body weight resting on the pole and it slips away from under you.

As with any new piece of kit you will incorporate into your walking style and it will become natural and helpful over time.