Long Distance Career Coaching

Career coaching companies can provide career coaching to people outside of their locality. Having assisted people in London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Washington DC, Spain, Austria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China and more attests to the ability of coaches to provide guidance over long distances. But how is this done and can it be done effectively?

The Basis

The basis for assisting people located remotely from the advisor’s office to find meaningful jobs and thus job satisfaction for the individual is only possible if the company has a sound career resume and job search process is in place, that is, as long as the firm has a solid backbone program. The concepts that work with face-to-face meetings must be transferable to other forms of communications such as by telephone and by the Internet. Fortunately, this is quite possible.Source

The Mechanics of It

While we cannot speak for all career coaching companies, it is reasonable to assume that the same mechanisms would apply to most of the professional counseling organizations. The career coaching company will, first of all, ensure the three fundamental facets are applied of:

-Developing a life story,

-Seeking jobs in the unseen job market and

-Working on the basis on one-on-one coaching.

Second, regular meetings are set up by telephone and in the case of people in China, Russia, Mexico, etc., Voice-over-IP (talking over your computer network) is the means. As well, the ability to make phone calls to the other side of the world for $1 or less per hour allows the coach and the participant to talk as often and for long as required.

Third, if all instructions are well documented each section can be readily transmitted by email. Responses fired back by email allow the work to get done without much difference between the approach for a local person or a remotely located person.

Fourth, the 4-hour career search seminar conducted once during the individual’s program where the participants can mingle with one another and share experiences can be part of the curriculum for the remote person who can link into the session by speaker-telephone (remember it’s only $1 per hour). The distant person can enjoy the dialog with the other participants, all the while watching the seminar projection on one’s personal computer.

In some cases, people within one day’s drive of the host office will choose to visit the main office on this occasion to not only participate in the session but to meet their coaches in person, often for the first time. In such an event, the coach would include face-to-face sessions on top of the seminar itself.

Fifth, sometimes coaching staff, if conditions are favorable, and they happen to be in the area, will visit the participants at their own locations.